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Clients often have the additional duty of managing their objects. For this they need valid data for their asset (AM)- and facility-(FM)management.

Their own systems require constant updates with regard to AM/FM, based on the information provided by other project members.

For this system update to happen smoothly, the client can request the digital transfer of project information via Open Standards and methods as early as during the planning phase.

This information is based on Open Standards. It creates a structure for the entire process- and value-chain that can be applied to all future major construction projects as well as the entire civil-engineering sector.

The structuring of these digital data- and data-provision bundles is irrespective of contract type, project phase, and operation method. It is, therefore, not only applicable internationally but also independent of local processes and procedures.

Gobar actively and competently supports clients in implementing these intelligent methods of information- and object-data structure. Clients are given vitally important (digital) data sovereignty thus enabling them to fulfil management- and control duties much more efficiently.

The innovative combination of BIModelling, BIManagement, and geographical information systems (GIS) allows for significantly improved bundling of information. It is thus more readily accessible than the traditional documentation of plans and contracts could ever be.

We are constructive. We think procedurally. We act integrally.

Gobar knows the 'building blocks' for a successful information structure during construction projects. That is why we strictly separate information from technology.

The reason for this is simple: information having to adapt to technology inevitably results in relevant information being unavailable. This, in turn, means an unacceptable loss of information. Therefore, technology has to adapt to information.


Gobar is an expert for the analysis of information- and communication-flow and requirements management. Because we are independent, we can provide objective and optimal advice and ideal project management.

Because our responsibilities and tasks vary widely from project to project, we always recommend an initial personal and non-binding conversation.

Processes. Structures. Information flow.

Common sense dictates it but clients, developers, construction companies, and legislators have also come to recognise the immense importance of communication channels and information flow during major construction projects. It is about efficiency increase and cost minimisation on the one hand, liability and contract compliance on the other. EU guidelines increasingly demand reliable documentation of construction projects and, furthermore, their availability during the entire life cycle of the structure (BIM).

We support authorities, developers, construction companies, engineers, and national and international construction organisations. We rely on an extensive and efficient network in the areas: management practice, research, and standardisation.  We are members of numerous important EU bodies and steering committees.